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At Cinergee we understand that health and well-being are dependent on balance – and when out of balance or not 100% feeling healthy, we need to work to re-establish it.

In health, the cells, tissues and organs can survive only in delicate balance, made possible by the immune system. At Cinergee we know this and therefore “work with the body” as a fundamental way of treating the body – rather than by “working against the body” with quick fix pills, or just puff and fluff treatments that really don’t provide you with the results you are looking for.

An integrated approach is the most complete way to treat the body and skin; one should not be treated independently of the other as the skin is the final exit point of the body, so what is present on the outside has to be from what is directly happening on the inside.

In our day spa we have a very integrated approach to well-being through the use of clay. We can work internally or externally with clay. And Pelotherapy is also known as mineral clay therapy.

Clay is just one of the natural therapies available to our system – a wonderful one at that, if totally pure and not tainted with mineral oils, perservatives or kiln fired.

Let’s get a basic understanding of how clays in therapy can assist the body, and to understand this we need to understand two words, adsorb versus absorb.

Adsorption characterises the process by which substances stick to the outside susrface of the adsorbent medium. The clay possesses unsatisfied ionic bodies and it naturally seeks to satisfy the bonds. For this to happen it must meet with a substance carrying an opposite electrical (ionic) charge. When this occurs, the ions held around the outside units and the substances are exchanged. Clays are said to carry a negative electrical charge, whereas impurities or toxins carry a positive electrical charge – within the body. It holds the toxin in suspension until it can eliminate both.

Absorption is when the clay acts like a sponge, drawing substances into its internal structure. For this to happen the substance must undergo a chemical change to penetrate the barrier. This allows the toxins to be pulled inside the clay and it swells. It must have an inner layer charge surrounded by water molecules. This creates an energy exchange. What keeps the immune system running for example and all our tissues and organs is the energy that feeds it, the very life force. And it’s about keeping the balance. Reactions are not forced, but rather triggered into effect when needed. Clay strengthens the body to a point of higher resistence. With this the body’s natural immune system has an improved chance of restoring and maintaining health. Now if the body is weak, and we are interested in creating health, the body must be stimulated and re-stimulated by another working energy. That is why clay has such an important part in our body programs.


There are many different clays available, all having different characteristics that produce different results. At Cinergee we use clays that are from the mentomorillite family, which has many minerals with different layers giving powerful absorption properties – well over any other clays.

Clays are the most effective, natural and inexpensive way to assist in pulling toxic metals and chemicals out of the body. We recommend clay baths to follow our treatments, which are a safe and effective way to release heavy metals such as mercury, arsenic, aluminium, cadmium, environmental toxins, chemicals, radiation, lead etc. Metals and lead block the absorption of food and supplements, is an underlying causative factor in digestive problems. parasites, leaky gut syndrome, allergies, depression, and memory problems etc.

This sets up a polluted environment suitable for all kinds of viruses & bacteria to enter and leading to a myriad of disease. Chemical toxicity is the major reason for a breakdown in the immune system. Most of the poisons in the the body are positively charged, whereas clay has a negative electrical attraction that toxins cannot resist being drawn towards.

There are over seventy thousand chemicals being used in commercial production today, sixty five thousand are classified potentially or definitely hazardous to human health. Some of those chemicals are:

DIOXIN – one of the deadliest substances known is sprayed on coffee and vegetables. Dioxin is also found in many lawn fertilisers and pesticides

MERCURY – besides leaking from teeth fillings, it is also found in fish (the fish oil you take has it been screened for this as some fish oils on the market do no remove the mercury), cosmetics, soil, pesticides, film (photos and negatives), paint and plastic

ALUMINIUM – used in soft drink cans, cookware, cheeses, white flour, baking powder, and deodorants

CADIUM – is contained in cigarette smoke, coffee, petrol, steel cooking pans and metal pipes

ARSENIC – may be in coffee, in some types of rice, salt, industrial pollution & pesticides

LEAD – is found in dyes, gasoline, paint, plumbing, pottery, insecticides, tobacco smoke, textiles, lipstick and scrap metal

CARBON MONOXIDE – auto exhausts, cigarette smoke and smog

Clays have been used by our ancestors for thousands of years and, even without the great scientific data that confirms the effectiveness of clays, they were used and acknowledged for their incredible healing benefits.

Clays work actively on all organs and act as a catalyst to vital functions within the body. They activate immune responses, aid tissue healing, elimination of scar tissue, drain toxins, assists with elimination and can strengthen and balance our bodies functions. Clay is soothing on bites and in the tropics can prevent them turning into ulcers. Clay can be used to absorb offensive odours, or anywhere you would normally use talcum powder (the white clay instead). Clay stimulates circulation bringing oxygen-rich blood to the skin giving the skin a healthy radiance. It re-vitalises, softens and firms tired, sagging skin. Clay has a negative electrical attraction for particles that are emitting positive radiation.

Clay has the ability to either stimulate a deficient organ or absorb any excess in the radioactivity of the body. We all contain a natural radioactivity which cleans, flushes and regenerates the organism. Excess radioactivity can destroy healthy body cells. If an organ does not function properly or function is impaired, it is not suffiicient enough to supply a remedy that introduces into the organism the lacking substance. Clay goes further and that is what you need. Clay stimulates the deficient organ and helps in the restoration of the failing function. Clay also reduces the toxicity of harmful substances.

Taken internally clay travels along the digestive path absorbing bad things such as gas. With its mineral and trace elements, it enhances the body’s natural immune system, so re-balancing the body.

At Cinergee we use our clays therapeutically as compresses, masks, combined with our scrubs or creams. When we do pelotherapy on the feet, we use it to “paint a picture” of the bodies reflex areas to determine what organs are under or overactive such as in the Royal Decadence Spa Package, and sometimes in our Spring Detox Packages