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Call Today: 6334 6885 indulge@cinergee.com.au 69a George St, Launceston TAS 7250, Australia

At Cinergee, we offer a unique, elegant and enriching Spa Experience adapted from some of the finest Spa Customs around the world. Cinergee has blended ancient traditions with a strong healing and health focus to indulge all your senses while evoking deep and restful relaxation. Come and escape the worries of the world, if only for a few hours, and leave refreshed, revitalised and rejuvenated.

We honour you and your health and therefore customise all of our blends in-house from our extensive dispensary, so you can be assured everything is natural, fresh and organic without any harsh chemicals added. The herbal teas served at Cinergee are local Tasmanian herbal teas, grown in a pristine environment and blended by a naturopath. This ensures that we are using the best therapeutic as well as delicious drinking teas, to assist you in your healing.

If you like what you experience, why not allow us to mix your own blend of oils or salts to continue the experience at home. Our herbal teas are also available to purchase.

We pride ourselves in helping you to escape the pressures of the outside world. To experience what Cinergee has to offer in our day spa, click on one of the pictures below to start your journey, where stress ends and tranquility begins…..