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Many people who suffer from inflammatory skin conditions like acne, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea or extreme sensitivities find that many of the conventional treatments available do not successfully manage their skin symptoms effectively. And if you are concerned about how your skin is ageing, if it has pigmentation, redness, broken capillaries, or dryness we also have good news for you. There is now a place that integrates internal and external modalities to give you real results.


Your skin is the largest organ in your body. It functions to eliminate toxins, regulate body temperature and protect the inside of the body from potential invading micro-organisms. The body literally sheds millions of skin cells every day and completely replaces itself roughly every 27 days depending on your age and lifestyle choices. This means that if you improve the factors that are contributing to your skin problems, then dramatic improvements to your skin should start to be seen within just one to two months.


Creating healthy skin is NOT just about applying creams and lotions onto your skin to make a problem go away – you also need to address the underlying factors that could be contributing to the problem. At Cinergee we can provide a personalised treatment program to address the specific underlying causes of your individual condition and assist you in feeling happier and healthier from the inside out, and the outside in.



This facial is for some “soul” connection. Whatever your skin type or condition, our spa facial is tailored specifically with your skin and health in mind. Containing lots of pampering with massage of the face, scalp, hands, shoulders and arms and energetic balance with crystals, this is designed to deeply relax and remove stress, leaving you floating in paradise!

Aromatic botanical oils, clays and creams are blended and customised to serve your skin’s deepest desires and needs. This organic approach is combined with a sublime massage routine that merges east and west philosophies leaving you floating in paradise. Included is a personalised gemstone facial massage.                             60 minutes   $115.00   BOOK NOW


Our skin consultations are intensive – not the quick look over and splash-on some product. We believe that in order to serve you best, we need to spend the time in getting it right. We look, feel, touch, photograph and ask lots of questions. Too many times we have seen people who have been mis-diagnosed and recommended the incorrect product, equipment and treatment regime for the condition that has been presented to us. This is where our passion really shines. to find out more on why a good skin consultations is important follow this link https://cinergee.com.au/blog/the-power-of-a-good-skin-consultation/

60 Minute Skin Consultation – bring all your current products, makeup and medicines     $85.00

30 Minute Skin Consultation – bring all your current products, makeup and medicines     $35.00  when added to a facial treatment  BOOK NOW

Skin Treatments

Once we have assessed your skin, you will be recommended a treatment that will best suit your skin type, concerns and condition. This can be from using a simple skin care routine, to regular facials to intensive facials depending on what we are treating. What we will guarantee you is, that it will have the best long term outcome in mind. As much as possible we work holistically integrating nutrition, lifestyle, emotional and the physical aspects relating to you. Having a health conscious approach we only work with products that we know will give you a healthy vibrant glow that is the envy of your friends and without harsh chemicals.

We use Dermaviduals, so we completely tailor your products with a variety of actives to work with your skin as it 1. changes with the seasons and 2. changes with hormonal spikes 3. changes due to emotional and physical stress 4. changes due to medications or health changes in fact, whatever is going on when we make up customised serums or creams, we have you covered.

You leave us feeling relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated and looking absolutely gorgeous with your new Cinergee “Glow”

Prices start from $125.00


The reason we use laser is many-fold but in a nutshell, it is to bring the skin into balance. Any time the skin out-of-balance like; inflammed, swollen, scarred, post-surgery, acne and other inflammed skin conditions, pre-mature ageing, burns like sun-burn or a burn from scalding or a flame. It is extremely effective in healing the skin as well as regeneration, it is also very effective for leg ulcers in the elderly, second degree burns, and for swollen joints and inflammed arthritis. It is brilliant for healing accidental injuries like in motor vehicle accidents, or injuries that involve the face or body. All in all, it is a healthy option for the skin.

30 minutes     $75.00

45 Minutes     $90.00

60 Minutes     $115.00


If redness is your concern, then thermocoagulation may be for you. Thermoregulation uses radio frequency to coagulate and eliminate blood trapped in broken capillaries from the body. The blood gets diverted and flows through adjoining vessels. If the area is adversely congested, preparation treatments with low level laser and/or IPL Skin Rejuvenation combined with specialised products may be required before removal of specific damaged vessels to reduce the pressure and to strengthen them for improved healing

30 Minutes    $100.00


If you are concerned with the aesthetics of skin imperfections like, skin tags, milia and fatty cycts and thinking of having them removed, Cinergee has the specialised equipment required – thermocoagulation using heat by radio frequency. Our diploma qualified skin therapists are all very knowledgeable on skin imperfections with 10+ years experience each under their belt. All are mainland trained, with steady hands and a perfectionist streak giving you the confidence that the best outcome will be achieved.

One Spot    $35.00

A Few Spots  15 minutes   $70.00

Larger Area   30 minutes   $100.00


This treatment targets common skin problems, such as blemishes, diffuse redness, and uneven skin tone. During the treatment, a wrap-around facial panel is positioned in front of your face, an automatic treatment program with specific light energy treatment is chosen for your skin type and condition. The treatment is completed after only 30 minutes and the best thing is that you can immediately return to your normal routine with no redness, peeling or down time experienced at all. How amazing is that?

For blemishes, discolouration, redness or phyto-ageing    60 minutes     $135.00

LED Light Therapy                                                              30 minutes     $ 70.00

LED Add-on                                                                        20 minutes      $ 50.00

Package of 8 x 60 minute treatments………………………..Pay for 6 – receive 8     (save $270.00)         $810.00

Monthly Maintenance (4 weekly) only available to those who have previously purchased package      $110.00


The equiment we use has three different technologies: pure specturm Photo-Energy (LED with not 1 or 2, but 4 different colours), impulse micro-currents to firm/tone and lift and ultrasound – soundwaves that improve the penetration properties of the specialised products we use. LED’s work by increasing the energy produced and accellerating tissue growth and regeneration. When it comes to ageing of the skin, LED treatment greatly improves the signs of photo ageing, stimulates connective tissue, regenerates tissues, reduces and calms redness, evens discolouration, heals blemishes and when combined with impulse micro-currents LIFTS lax skin.

This treatment also includes the LED Light Therapy therefore working synergistically to improve blemish prone skin, even out discolouration, reduce redness and sensitivity, and photo-ageing from the sun as well as lifting and toning the contours of the eyes, face, and decolletage      

90 minute treatment            $165.00 

Package 8 treatments (prepay for 6 and get 8)             save $330         $990.00

Monthly Maintenance (4 weekly) treatment. Only available to those clients that have previously purchased a package of treatments               $145.00

What is IPL Skin Rejuvenation?

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light technology. It is also known as photorejuvenation. Because it is a relatively simple and straightforward procedure, with few concerns in terms of either side effects, recovery time, or the level of invasiveness with the treatment itself, IPL is continuing to become a more widely utilised choice.

Benefits of IPL Skin Rejuvenation

IPL skin rejuvenation offers a wide range of benefits, including:

  • As a quick lunch-time procedure, with almost zero needs for recovery. It’s easy to fit it into your schedule and get on with the rest of your life. You see great results without undergoing intensive surgery.
  • It works wonders for reducing redness, eliminating and reducing wrinkles, and improving overall skin texture, smoothness and quality.
  • It is a great tool to help combat the effects of ageing, and to achieve a more youthful appearance.
  • IPL offers a legitimate and long-lasting solution, as opposed to some procedures which offer only short-term results.
  • IPL can also be utilised anywhere on the body, offering great versatility from a single treatment.


IPL Consultation$25.00
Skin Rejuvenation - Red Cheeks$60.00
Skin Rejuvenation - Back of Hands$80.00
Skin Rejuvenation - Decolletage$55.00
Skin Rejuvenation - Full Face$140.00
Skin Rejuvenation - Full Face - 5 Concessions$560.00
Skin Rejuvenation - Neck$55.00
Skin Rejuvenation - Neck & Decolletage$105.00