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Spring Promotions

The Spring is a time of growth and regeneration. The earth reawakens and gives new life to everything around us; the trees, the flowers, even the fauna. We move away from the quiet dark months of winter and towards warm sunlit days. Allow the energy of spring to make you feel reborn again, starting fresh and open to change, just like the unfurling of new flower buds around us. Start implementing changes that will allow you to flourish and grow, allow yourself the space to come alive and feel inspired. 

Take time for yourself, nurture your new growth, embrace the changes that awaken inside you. 

Rejuvination Spring Package

Here is to New Beginings

Lets celebrate the arrival of the sun 

After a cold, drying season, enjoy our Rejuvenation Spring Package which will return the glow and rehydrate your winter skin. Your ritual begins with a Japanese dry body brush massage followed by our rich, warm candle experience massage. Added is our signature in-house “spring glow” spa facial performed with deep relaxation in mind.

90 minutes $149.00

Add a thermal hand or foot treatment for an extra $35.00

OR a infra-red sauna for an extra $20

Balinese Body Glow

Inspired by traditional body treatments from the tropics. This ritual treatment begins with a honey and herb body scrub. The humectant properties of honey make it perfect for nourishing the skin while sesame seeds and herbs act as a natural exfoliant. This will leave your skin smooth, soft and perfectly prepped for the next part of this treatment. 

This indulgent scrub is then followed by a soothing aloe and lavender body wrap. Aloe is well known for its strong anti-inflammatory properties that can be used to bring relief to upset skin and facilitate healing, while lavender has been used for centuries for its calmative and relaxing properties. Combine the two and you will have wonderful calming and hydrating ritual.

75 Minutes $145.00

Coconut Post-Winter Pamper

This is the perfect post winter treat for those of you with sensitive skin. This ritual begins with a rich creamy coconut and tumeric body polish. Your journey continues with a conditioning nutrient rich, amino acid and beta carotene natural plant blend massaged over the skin. Finally your body is cocooned in a thermal wrap to encourage natural detoxification while  the natural plant mask does its work.