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Rose Quartz Facial


This calming and soothing spa facial focuses on pampering and incorporates a rosewater and pink clay facial mask. Fall into deep relaxation as it is teamed with a rose quartz Gua Sha facial massage to release tension and improve lymphatic function. Skin will feel lifted, tightened and rejuvenated, while the mind releases all of it’s stress. 

45 minutes  – $100

Turkish Delight Glow And Cocoon


A full body lavender and pink Himalayan salt body exfoliation is followed by a beautiful Rose and Geranium Pink Clay Body Mask leaving the skin feeling amazing and floating with the indulgence. Our special in-house body butter will have you glowing all over. 

75 minutes  – $150

+ 30 minute massage – $210

+ 60 minute massage – $240

Head to Toe Pamper Package


Beginning your treatment with an indulgent 30 minute back, neck and shoulders massage to loosen up sore muscles. A chakra Indian head massage is then performed on the scalp to stimulate hair growth and release stress and anxiety. Followed by a *CPR Hair Treatment Mask* to repair damaged hair and deeply condition. While your hair soaks up the nourishment, you’ll be pampered with a divine foot massage and reflexology before rinsing out the treatment. 

80 minutes  – $150

 Indian Head Massage

What is Indian Head massage?
Champissage (as it is known in India) is an ancient Ayurvedic therapy that helps to restore balance to the body by using vigorous, rhythmic movements. Warm oil helps treat the scalp and hair leaving it nice and soft and shiny. Clients can expect rigorous and slow movements along the scalp neck and back which stimulate, awaken and align the body’s vital energy points we call the Chakras.
How will I Benefit?
– Increased concentration
– Helps ease headaches and migraines
– Helps to relieve emotional and mental stress like depression and insomnia.
– Increase the flow of oxygen to the brain.
– Improve circulation of cerebrospinal fluid.
– Encourage lymphatic drainage
– Stimulates hair growth.
– Repeated treatments can result in thicker, healthier looking hair.
– Helps with dandruff and dead skin buildup on the scalp.
What should I expect?
A full 60 minute treatment will include a warm oil massage of the neck, back, shoulders, scalp and face, Crystal chakra placements and reflexology.
    45 Minute Treatment                                      60 Minute Treatment 
                    $82.00                                                                       $100.00
 Or add a 20 minute indian head massage to any other full priced spa treatment for $35.00


Candle Embrace Package

Tasmania – Come Down for Air


Reset. Revive. Re-light your fire this Off Season.


Warm yourself in our secret garden with our infrared sauna and experience shower. Travel upstairs to a candlelit room with soft sheets and beautiful aromas. Sip a herbal Tasmanian organic tea while your feet soak in a decadent salt bath. Finally, melt into the bed with a wax and oil massage, and an indulgent facial. This is our devine – “Winter Experience” available to Tourists through the Tasmania website…..we just thought it was too good not to share with our regular locals

Can  be booked online under Promotions



 145 minutes – $230