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Spring Detox & Nurturing Packages

Available till end of October

This is our latest Glow & Cocoon with a Spring twist – includes 30 minute massage and sauna

Enjoy a full body triple exfoliation – brush, gloves and coffee scrub, feel the benefits of a castor oil pack while being cocooned in our signature detox blend of clay/seaweed/charcoal combined with our own detox oil blend. Drift away with a hypnotic scalp massage that stimulates all the senses – but that’s not all – after a shower, sweat it out in the sauna for 25 minutes followed by 30 minute massage to compete your session.

135 minutes – $245.00

Enjoy our deluxe detox package and one you will remember and feel the benefits of, for weeks to come👏👏💕

Pelotherapy – This fabulous package is all about the feet – enjoy a cleansing and refreshing foot soak, our clay foot ritual combines with a castor oil pack, a foot massage focused on de-congesting digestive and liver areas and a detoxifying sauna where we encourage you to use your breath to oxygenate

90 minutes $125.00

Want to know more about Pelotherapy – follow this link

Signature Detox Package –

Your treatment begins with a cleansing organic herbal tea and purifying foot soak. Then we invigorate you, with a dry brush exfoliation and aromatherapy massage using essential oils specifically blended to detoxify your body. Ease those aches and pains with our fresh locally-made herbal stamps on tension spots. Then your experience is topped off with a green clay foot mask and foot massage to help draw out toxins, reset and ground you. Especially suited to Spring where we will have you springing with new found energy.

75 minutes – $130.00


With Spring, comes sandals and those heels are not that pleasant to look at after the drying effects of winter. Get them in shape with our….

Callus Peel

Pressure applied to the feet over time causes the skin to harden and calluses appear. We use a five step system including a softening patch which is wrapped around the area to be treated to soften the skin. During this time a short massage is performed to fully relax you. A special scraper is used to “peel” off the dry skin/calluses, followed by a fourth step that buffs away any remaining calluses with the foot file. The treatment is completed by applying a special moisturising cream. This treatment is best followed up with home treatments and care for best results.

Callus Peel – standalone treatment includes a short massage       30 mins           $55.00

Callus Peel – add-on  to another treatment                                         15 mins           $35.00

Now is the perfect time to improve your skin!

When the weather cools, more time is spent inside and there’s a tendency to slow life down. Winter as it progresses challenges the skin more than any other season, so it is very important to provide extra care and attention during this season.

Sebaceous glands dramatically slow the production of sebum which weakens the skin barrier. Our barrier is what protects and prevents skin from drying out.

Our Introduction to Great Skin Package, will be continuing over winter as we realise the benefits of having your skin looked at professionally. We have had so many amazing visible changes to our clients skin, we get so excited whenever we see – needs photos as a note when we follow up after a month – we are so inspired and over the moon with the results since changing to Dermaviduals, that we can’t contain ourselves

Isn’t it time to give your skin the extra love and care it needs? We have put together this package to get you started on your journey to great skin……

– A comphrensive 40 minute skin analysis including photos with our amazing skin diagnostic camera for accurate skin forensics. Please being in everything you are currently using to your appointment
– A 30 minute facial using professional Dermaviduals products that we individualise to treat your personal skin concerns
– 20 minutes of LED Phototherapy. A non-invasive technology tailored to your specific treatment whether it is blemishes, redness, fine lines or phyto-ageing. Our specialised programs involve the use of 4 different colours depending on the program chosen.

This package would normally cost $215.00 but as your Introduction to Great Skin you pay only $149.00 saving $66.00