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Spa Treatments

Our spa treatments are a luxurious treat!

We blend, combine and mix amazing ingredients to allow you your personal choice of aromas and how you wish to feel and experience the treatment. We understand it is empowering to have your choice in aromas and sensations according to your moods and requirements on the day. With this in mind, it doesn’t matter how many times you see us, we can continually change your experience whether that be to pick you up, wind you down, tantilise or to truly indulge.


Start with a soothing herb & floral foot wash to revive tired, troubled feet to relax and prepare you for an invigorating brush massage applied to the back. A sublime de-stress massage is performed on the back, neck and shoulders, before a hydrating and balancing spa facial, completes the indulgence.

75 minutes – $130.00
Why not add a spa pool or infrared sauna experience to your treatment?


Exotic blends are designed with your skin, senses and pure indulgence in mind. Each treatment is performed as an exotic ritual that leaves your skin soft, divine and baby fresh.

45 minutes – $82.00
Add a 30 minute massage – $135.00
Add a 60 minute massage – $165.00


Your treatment begins with a cleansing organic herbal tea and purifying foot soak. Then we invigorate you, with a dry brush exfoliation and aromatherapy massage using essential oils specifically blended to detoxify your body. Your experience is now made complete with a green clay foot mask and reflexology treatment to help draw out toxins, reset and ground you. Suitable for all every season this package will have you springing with new found energy.

75 minutes – $130.00


Experience a detoxifying tea ceremony before your journey begins with a double body exfoliation followed by a Clay & Seaweed Body Wrap. While cocooned, enjoy a nourishing scalp treatment and soothing head massage. A second thermal wrap allows the body to sweat, releasing toxins as a crystal stone massage to the face is performed. This luxurious treatment is completed with a shea & coconut butter application to deep nourish the skin.

Treatment time is 75 minutes…………..for $130.00

But why stop there!
Why not add a 30 minute massage for an additional $55 or enjoy a spa pool and sauna prior to your treatment for $50 –

That’s a total time of 165 – 175 mins (just under 3 hours) for $245 including robe/towel hire.

Spa Packages

We believe in delighting you with a personalised combination of our treatments with little added extras designed to delight and surprise. If you would like a special package made up for you please contact us on 03 6334 6885 or email us at indulge@cinergee.com.au.

Please find below some of our recommended combinations……..

All bookings for packages need to be done through the phone or email as being larger appointments the space for one therapist may not be available, but by allowing different therapists to use their specialty, we are able to still do a booking.


A stimulating double exfoliation cleanses the skin and awakens the senses. A warmed mineral clay blend is personalised and applied to detoxify, nourish and hydrate, decongest, stimulate, enliven or indulge. While cocooned, an oil scalp massage allows you to drift in and out, then to further enhance the experience; an aromatherapy massage with gemstone placement on key energy points is performed followed by a luxurious facial customised to serve your skin’s most indulgent requirements.



180 minutes – $375.00


Your journey starts with a warm foot soak, pelotherapy and reflexology, followed by a stimulating back brush massage and warm towel application. Hot basalt stones are used therapeutically to relieve tight muscles in the back, neck and shoulders and the rest of the body is finished with an anointment of warmed therapeutic oils, massaged to relax, soothe and hydrate. Gemstones are applied to the Chakra points to balance and harmonise while a luxurious facial is customised to serve your skin’s most pressing concerns.



180 minutes – $375.00