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Call Today: 6334 6885 indulge@cinergee.com.au 69a George St, Launceston TAS 7250, Australia

Cinergee Day Spa & Wellness Retreat

Where Stress Ends & Tranquility Begins

For all things Massage, Beauty, Skin Care, Day Spa

Cinergee’s Beginnings

Cinergee was born out of a dream………… a long standing dream!

To have more than a day spa, more than a beauty and skin care centre and more than a wellness retreat. Cinergee was to incorporate a love of life, a passion for everything that makes us who we are. From how we emotionally and physically feel, to what choices we make with our food and lifestyle. It was to be an integrated centre of excellence. A place where you can come and relax, kick off your shoes and really unwind from the normal daily stresses. A place where you can join your friends, share some amazing services while enjoying a glass of bubbly. A place where you can learn simple natural alternatives to some of life’s health challenges, while being educated in preventative care. A place where you can learn the secrets to longevity and the steps you may need to take. This was to be a special place for rejuvenation and renewal.

Cinergee evolved from that dream.

And who does this dream belong to?

Cinergee’s passionate founder is Vivienne Bartle, now in her late 50s. She has dedicated 36 years to helping others with their skin, health and well-being issues, both locally and while travelling the world. It was this dedication to making a difference that; has kept her head in the books trying to put all the pieces of the health puzzle together so that she could help people along the way. Vivienne saw a definite need for integration of therapies, and to set up stress management strategies for those who strive for work-life balance. We can’t do it all on our own, sometimes a helping hand is all that is required to ignite our long lost passions, to balance a diseased or ill-treated body, or to manage our overall health.

Ill-treatment is something Vivienne has first-hand experience with. A self-confessed workaholic and perfectionist who invariably juggles too many projects at once. Her work-life crisis hit an all-time low following an 11 month extended contract managing a Spa on-board a 5-star cruise liner. Vivienne developed blood clots in the lungs. Taking responsibility for creating it (from a combination of stress, dehyration and having an A Blood Type), and not  blaming the long flight home, Vivienne addressed the obvious causative factors – the long work hours (as much as 70-80 hours a week), not drinking enough water, too many Spanish coffees (mixture of alcohol and coffee both diurectics), lack of sleep, not getting enough down time to counteract the high pressure and expectations, and not being physically active at the time (too much computer work).

Vivienne has often said that “If I had someone to take me under their wing and coach me with a few little tips, this would not have happened”. Of course modifications are now a definite part of Vivienne’s life. And modifications, however simple, can make a significant difference to yours. We invite you to come and see anyone on our team to help with your main concerns whether it be poor skin, aches and pains, nutritional & health coaching, managing stress strategies, pampering or just a regular health and wellbeing session.

Vivienne’s passion is your general health and well-being. Helping you look at ways to take control of your health, to live the life you were always destined for…….that may include nutrition, ways to remain pain free, beautiful healthy looking skin, health coaching and the biggest of them all – to age slowly while being outrageous, full of life and vibrant in your day to day activities.

Vivienne runs a Healthy Ageing Group through Facebook, if you are interested follow this link