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Call Today: 6334 6885 indulge@cinergee.com.au 69a George St, Launceston TAS 7250, Australia
Skin Care, Skin Treatments, Beauty Salon, Launceston, Cinergee

There is so much you can do to change the texture and condition of the skin. See us for a skin consultation followed by a treatment designed with you in mind.

Skin problems are rarely the result of a single factor. The skin is a reflection of the health of your internal and external environments. There are often many things to consider when managing a skin condition. For Example:

** If your digestion and detoxification systems are not functioning properly, your skin will suffer.
** If your stress levels are high, then the inflammation this causes can become visible through the skin.
** If your circulation and/or lymphatic systems are congested then your skin will reflect this.
** Lack of hydration shows in the puffing under the eyes and the fine creases around your eyes, mouth & neck.
** Your work environment (where you spend a third of your day) can be destroying your skin nutrients and leading to premature ageing.
** If your current skin care routine contains silicones, preservatives, perfume, emulsifiers, hormone disruptors and the like – then your skin remains constantly alert and immune system activated leading to a constant flushed look.
** An impaired skin barrier reflects as a dull lifeless looking skin, or one of hypersensitivity, as trained therapists we can look at the causes
** Digestive issues like constipation & candida can be a real problem for breakouts around the chin and lower face
** Finally, if your diet contains too many junk foods and/or is lacking in certain nutrients then your skin will let everyone know you are not feeding your body what it needs – this is a common issue with students (stress + poor food choices)

When you have skin concerns you need to see someone who constantly upgrades their training, understands digestive function, environmental and lifestyle elements that affect the skin and mindset (which also has a big impact on the health of our skin).

For an advanced and comprehensive skin consultation ring us on 6334 6885 or book online https://www.kitomba.com/bookings/cinergee