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You’ve noticed your skin is changing.

For some of us, the changes that occur over time in the appearance of our skin can be subtle. A lifetime of good health, not too much sun and avoidance of bad habits like smoking and too much alcohol have paid off. You are to be congratulated. It’s been years of commitment to get this far. You’re pretty happy!

But even so, the early signs of menopause are not too far off. Barely noticeable at first, so much so, you’re not even sure it is menopause or to be more accurate, peri-menopause (the preceding years). You and your skin flush much more easily than ever before and your skin doesn’t quite bounce back the way it once did. You’re hot, but not in a sexy way!! In fact, you’re not feeling very sexy at all! The last thing you want to see right now is changes in your skin that you have never had to deal with before.

It’s at this time you begin to consider whether the skin care you once relied on for so many years is still right for you. If you’ve been blessed with a good skin up until now, then the choice of skin care has been more about who it is rather than what it is. Right? The idea of changing your skin care to suit the needs you are now faced with can pose a huge problem, especially when you compare what is on offer now to 20 years ago, the onslaught of lotions, potions and clever anti-ageing marketing seems limitless and sometimes overwhelmingly confusing.

I have a suggestion for you.

Instead of looking for a new skincare brand, look for a new consultation.

Of course, the brand you choose is VERY important but despite the huge array on offer these days, many skin care brands just do not stack up or sometimes they’re just not quite right for you. Or, you didn’t get the right advice to start with. Before you go out and spend money on promises that can’t be kept. Get a consultation with a skin care professional. Not just any old 5-minute consultation, nope. A full consultation which includes a skin diagnosis. This is where you will really find out about your skin and the best skin care brand for you and anything else that may be available to fix your skin.

The best place to start.

Most of us wander into the easiest and most obvious place, the department store beauty counter and then, most of us either walk out disillusioned or with a ton of overpriced cosmetics that might work, but then again, they might not.

You get home, full of hope, anxious to squash the nagging thought that you’ve just spent a bazillion dollars on something that you’re not even sure is going to work. Or, you just took the samples for fear of being burnt again. But that feels a little unsatisfying as you really were keen to do something meaningful for your skin. But, you err on the side of caution. Try before you buy… Right? Of course, you could ask your best friend what she uses or you could trawl the internet for advice, but these days the internet is just as confusing when most beauty bloggers are so young, how could they possibly relate to a product for your skin at 45? As for your friend? Well her skin is probably nothing like yours…

Or perhaps, you’ve decided to seek out the advice of a beauty therapist. Get a facial, ask a few questions, get a few more samples to try. By now, you’ve got a bathroom full of half-used samples and you’re still not sure what to do next. Perhaps, you’ll try to mix it up a bit with all the brands you’ve tried. Yet to be convinced, this seems like the safest option. Weeks go by, still, no satisfaction and yet you are motivated to buy. After all, getting those samples gave you some semblance of trust and relieved your anxiety a little. So, you take the plunge, part with your money, even though it still feels like nothing more than ‘hope’. We are so vulnerable and the more we want something to be true, the more vulnerable we become.

How do you reconcile in your mind the money you’ve just spent and your deep need to do something to slow down the age of your skin? Can you ever justify it?

The power of a good skin consultation.

Nothing will resolve your fears more than talking to someone who really, really know’s their stuff! The feeling of inspired trust and confidence is such a good feeling. You’ve done more than find a good brand, you’ve found an expert to guide you along the way. Never underestimate the importance of a good consult.

The skin consultation is truly where it’s at!! And this is what to look for.

1. Your skin should always be examined prior to any product recommendation.

Even if you have found yourself in a department store if your skin has not been accurately diagnosed, how can they possibly recommend anything for you?

2. They will ask the right questions in a way that reveals what your concerns are.

If it feels right, then don’t be shy about sharing your skin care concerns. This is important. The skill of the professional will also be determined by what they uncover. They will instinctively know the right questions to ask you and explain to you exactly what’s going on with your skin. They can put a name to your concerns and share their solutions.

3. They will listen to your concerns over and above their need to sell you a product.

Once recognised, your skin care professional should be able to explain to you how and why your skin is the way it is and why the ingredients in any product recommended are going to work for you. If they don’t understand your skin how can they possibly offer you solutions?

4. They should welcome your questions and be able to answer all of them.

But, if they’re really good, they’ve anticipated your worries and they’ve already addressed them. They are well on their way to earning your trust. They know their stuff.

5. The key active ingredients in a product do matter!!

They can and will explain the key active ingredients in a way that you understand but also, that makes complete sense to you. You’ll walk away knowing why ingredients will help to diminish your skincare issue.

6. Facts should be laid bare and all options provided to you.

At this point, how much you want to spend should be a secondary consideration. Of course, how much you spend is important, but getting the right advice and knowing what is available to you and the best approach to take over the coming weeks and months in order to get the results you are hoping for should come first.

7. It’s time to make a plan.

Even if you have plenty of disposable cash to spend on your skin, go slowly, allow your skin time to rejuvenate itself.  Take baby steps before moving on to more intensive products or treatments.  Allow time for your skin to become stronger and your confidence in your skin care professional to grow. A true professional will have no interest in bombarding you with products. They will create a plan for your skin. This is not a quick fix, this is long-term results.

You have not reached your destination yet, but you have begun the journey. Begin with the end in mind.


A treatment plan gives you options and informs you of what else is available and the necessary referrals you may also need to hasten results.  If this didn’t happen during your skin consultation then you may not be getting the best advice. And as much as you wish it were true, you will never be happy with a quick fix! It will be a waste of time and money.

skin consultationOne last thing to look for.  

Your skin care professional should be reviewing your skin and how you are feeling about your results with every return visit. You may get to a point of happiness, where the anti-wrinkle injections or fractional Laser you were considering are not necessary, or you are happy enough with your results that you can hold off until further down the track.

Once you have found that perfect someone to help you transform your skin or just keep it looking as good as it does today, remember.  The first step is good skin care, good nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices, the better condition your skin prior to other treatments the better your results will be.

Don’t hesitate to ask and if you don’t feel comfortable or convinced by the answers you are getting? Well, do a bit more research. Find someone else. This is your precious skin we are talking about. You don’t want to mess with that. Do you?

Finally, did you just take the samples?

I’ve never been a fan of giving out samples, however, I don’t blame you for wanting to try before you buy, after all, you’ve been here before. You’ve spent so much money in the past and there are so many brands on the market making outlandish claims or using cleverly phrased marketing to seduce you. With all this in mind, sampling a skin care product is a good idea, but perhaps not for the reasons you may be thinking. Most samples will last you a week at best. In a week you will discover these three things. 1). Whether you like the scent of the product, 2). You like the feeling on your skin and 3). You have determined whether you have any allergic reactions to the product.

Results take time.

What you will NOT see in a week of sampling is any meaningful results, although sometimes and depending on what is going on with your skin, you may find a certain amount of ‘instant gratification’ especially if your skin is dry or dehydrated, but for the most part, true and lasting results come from the quality of the ingredients and formulations that are backed up by scientific evidence and your commitment to the product and of course, if you are lucky enough to find someone who really understands your skin and you have begun to trust them, then you could be well on your way to finding the perfect skincare regimen for you.

How much do you want to spend?

I’ve often said to clients, a $20 cream picked up at the supermarket is very expensive if it does nothing or worse exacerbates your skin. Likewise a $500 cream, one that looks beautiful in your bathroom and gives you a sense of luxury is wonderful if that is what you want. But if results are what you are looking for, the most expensive cream or serum even though it may have some worthy ingredients is not necessarily the best. And, if the person recommending it to you cannot give you credible reasons why it’s right for you. Then, well, perhaps there is your answer.

It’s never just about skin care.

Julie Lardner