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Pregnancy and your Spa Visit














Being pregnant is a beautiful time in your life, however it can be hard work at times.

Spending nine months making a human being can really put a strain on your muscles, your bones, your skin and your mental well being.So it’s really important that you take care of your body and mind during those precious months. While there are some spa treatments you will need to avoid when pregnant there are many other treatments which are ideal for soothing tired muscles, swollen feet and all the other general aches which may come along with pregnancy!

Why pregnancy massage is good for you and your baby

During your first trimester your body is going through so many changes and adjustments to make way for your growing baby, pregnancy massage is a fantastic way for you to relax and de-stress and sending happy vibes to your growing baby can only be a good thing. Massage can ease the additional stress that carrying your baby can put on your muscles and bones and can prepare your body for the labour to come.  By increasing blood and lymph circulation within your body, pregnancy massage is also believed to help keep your baby healthy. In other words when carried out by a trained professional, pregnancy massage can be a fabulous experience.

Feeling pampered and looked after is important especially when it gets to the later stages of pregnancy. You may not be able to reach your toes to give them a coat of nail polish or if you aren’t one of those lucky women whose skin positively glows during pregnancy, then you might want to get a facial to bring out that natural glow. Whatever pregnancy spa treatment you opt for, follow our do’s and don’ts to make sure you get the most out of your experience.

Do’s and don’ts of pregnancy spa treatments

Do ensure that you tell us at the time of booking that you are pregnant. Our receptionist will ask how many weeks you are and let you know what treatments we have that are suitable for you.
Don’t use any bleaches or depilatory chemicals when you are having hair removed. You can still wax safely but be aware some women say that waxing (especially bikini waxing) is more painful during pregnancy. You are also ineligible for IPL permanent hair reduction treatments
Do enjoy pregnancy massages. At Cinergee we have a special slightly warmed, fully hydraulic float bed (water bed) for your treatment. In the early stages you can lay prone as your body is fully supported by the water moulding to your shape (it certainly beats the massage tables with the pregnancy hole or support bolsters previously only available), you will feel totally relaxed with no strain on your back. As trained therapists we are also fully aware of techniques to avoid (like pressure on your back when prone) and areas to work that alleviate aches and pains. As you progress through your pregnancy the float bed is adjusted according to the stage you are in. Your head, back and legs are raised giving you the most devine relief as the front of your body and your legs are massaged. In the later stages, we complete your back massage with the support of a body pillow while you lay on your side. The support of the water while side-lying feels amazing as you have no strain anywhere – traditional massage tables can leave your hips feeling the tension.
Don’t assume you can’t have any spa treatments during your pregnancy. If you fancy some pampering, ask us which treatments you can safely have during your pregnancy. Although you cannot have body wraps – facials, massage, hand and foot treatments are a great way to be pampered. We take into consideration that your skin is also changing and much more sensitive and prone to irritation than normal.
Do check if you are having a treatment which involves a lower leg and foot massage that your therapist is trained in treating pregnant women. There are certain reflexology points in those areas which are believed to trigger pre-term labour or contractions.  At Cinergee all therapists are aware of areas to avoid during massage.
Don’t have any spa treatments which involve heat such as steam rooms, saunas, spa baths. This also includes body wraps, these can constrict movement and you may get too warm. If a pregnant mom gets too warm, blood vessels dilate to bring more blood to the skin surface for cooling. This could leave you feeling lightheaded and uncomfortable, mud baths, mineral baths or anything which raises your body temperature abnormally high. Don’t worry, warm baths are generally agreed to be fine. We can do body scrubs using hot towels for removal or a warm shower. When pregnant over winter, you are less able to tend to your body as well as you normally would, dead skin cell build up during this time can lead to dry flaky skin and there is nothing better than getting your smooth healthy looking skin back with a great body scrub.

Facial Peels and Microdermabrasion 
Prenatal facials feel great and can only enhance the glow of pregnancy. However, many expecting moms are affected by skin sensitivity and hyper-pigmentation during pregnancy so facial peels and micro-dermabrasion are not recommended. At Cinergee we are very much against micro-dermabrasion treatments for your skin at the best of times because if you have a tendency to carry the “red head” gene – MC1R – hyperpigmentation is more likely, when pregnant – the risk escalates due to the added hormonal changes and any sun exposure. All our facial treatments are tailored to the skin type and the skin conditions we see and are individualised to suit the client. Prenatal facials are designed to treat the changes with the skin expected during this time.
Do check if your treatment uses any essential oils that they are suitable for use during pregnancy. At Cinergee we choose not to use essential oils for any of our pre-natal treatments, even tho’ some are prefectly safe for pregnancy. It is suggested that pregnant women use essential oils derived from flowers rather than herbs during pregnancy, and that “calming” oils such as lavender are preferable to “stimulating” oils such as camphor during pregnancy, if you would prefer essential oils then we can blend the correct oils for you.
Do tell your therapist if you are uncomfortable, feel ill or are in pain at any point during your treatment. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or speak up! It’s important to keep in mind that the visit is all about you! Every woman’s experience is different. If you are experiencing a normal pregnancy, the best guideline is to listen to your body. If something doesn’t feel comfortable, don’t do it, if it does feel comfortable, enjoy!

Most important of all DO relax and enjoy being pampered!

During the pre-natal spa visit:

Talk to your spa therapist about your specific needs or issues. At Cinergee we take a thorough history of each prenatal client. Information gathered includes how pregnant you are, any allergies, sensitivities, physical discomforts or complications along with lifestyle and dietary choices. We will also ask questions that address your pregnancy such as your specific issues, needs and expectations. If you have been a client for a while and recently became pregnant, we will go over any changes to your skin or any health concerns since your pre-pregnancy state.

**Women that are experiencing high-risk pregnancies should consult with their obstetrician before considering spa services.**

Massage is generally safe for most pregnant women but women experiencing a high-risk pregnancy are urged to discuss it first with their doctor before scheduling a massage.

Besides fetal and pregnancy-related causes there are also maternal causes for a high-risk pregnancy. The following are the maternal causes for high-risk pregnancy. If you have any of the following, please discuss with us at the time of booking.

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Asthma
  • Diabetes
  • Collagen-vascular Diseases
  • Sickle Cell Anemia
  • Drug Abuse
  • Kidney Problems
  • Lung Disease
  • Heart Disease
  • Seizure Disorders
  • Acute Fever
  • Significant Anemia (hematocrit <26%)

Resources: http://myspaguide.com.au, http://www.bellyfriendly.com