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  • Skin tags are very common small, soft skin growths.
  • Skin tags are harmless but can be annoying.
  • Skin tags tend to occur on the eyelids, neck, armpits, groin folds, and under breasts.
  • A person may have anywhere from one to hundreds of skin tags.
  • Almost everyone will develop a skin tag at some point in their lives.
  • Middle-aged, obese adults are most prone to skin tags
  • Removal is easy with thermocoagulation

A milium cyst is small, white bump that typically appears on the nose and cheeks. These cysts are often found in groups, and in these cases are called milia. The cysts occur when keratin becomes trapped beneath the surface of the skin. Keratin is a strong protein that is typically found in skin tissues, hair, and nail cells.

Milia can occur in people of all ages, but they’re most common in newborns where they resolve quite quickly. They’re typically found on the face, eyelids, and cheeks.

In older children and adults, milia are typically associated with some type of damage to the skin, such as:

  • blistering due to a skin condition
  • burns
  • skin resurfacing procedures, such as dermabrasion or laser resurfacing
  • long-term use of steroid creams
  • long-term sun damage

If you only have one or two milia, then manual extraction is best performed in a facial treatment.

Xanthomas are not dangerous in and of themselves, but they can be a signal of a more serious underlying condition so they should never be ignored. They can develop anywhere on the body, but are most common on the eyelids. These growths are small, yellowish looking bumps that can be unsightly but are usually asymptomatic. They can vary in size up to about 3 inches in diameter and occur most frequently among older individuals.

Sometimes xanthomas can occur suddenly on other areas of the body. These are called eruptive xanthomas and are a sign that blood fat levels are too high. If one gets eruptive xanthomas a physician should be consulted as soon as possible.

What causes these yellow bumps?

The cause of xanthomas on the eyelids is not known. They are not contagious nor are they harmful. Simply put, they are small buildups of fat under the surface of the skin. Normally, excess fat is absorbed so the appearance of these growths can indicate an abnormality in that fat absorption process. Once you have a doctors clearance that there is no underlying issue, we can remove these for you.

Xanthomas on the Body

Eruptive xanthomas on the other hand, can be caused by any number of underlying conditions including certain cancers, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, primary biliary cirrhosis, pancreatitis or hypothyroidism. Head straight to your doctor if you have a breakout of these.

If you are looking at having any of these removed we are happy to announce we now have the specialised equipment available at Cinergee – thermocoagulation using heat by radio frequency. Our diploma qualified skin therapists are all very knowledgeable on skin imperfections with 10+ years experience each under their belt. All are mainland trained, with steady hands and a perfectionist streak giving you the confidence that the best outcome will be achieved.

Thermocoagulation treatments are non-invasive (does not penetrate the skin) and therefore limited to the epidermis., they do not cause any scarring however you will receive some scabbing which falls off after few days. During treatment, the superficial dermis is indirectlyaffected by coagulation, leaving no visible marks on the skin once healing is complete. The heat generated by the radio frequency converts fluids to solids.

Treatment is varied according to the severity of the condition. At all times, the best long term results are persued. These imperfections can be safely done all year round particularly when covered.

If you just have one spot you would like removed it is $35.00

For a few spots – 15 minutes $70.00

For many random spots – 30 minutes $100.00 but be aware if the area is concentrated we may clear them in 15 minute increments to assist healing.