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Common Vascular Imperfections…………..


Couperose (many telangiectasia)

Capillaries are small blood vessels found throughout the body. They are various shapes and sizes and abundant near the dermal-epidermal junction layer in the superficial dermis. Whether you know them as thread vein, dilated capillary, broken capillaries or “couperose” the technical term is telangiectasia.

Spider Angioma

Spider angioma (or stellar angioma, spider nevi) look like a star or spider. They have a round nucleus of dilated capillaries with several telangiectasiaa radiating out from the centre. Mainly located on the side of the nose or under the eyes but can be found elesewhere. They can appear at any time throughout ones life.

Cherry Angiomas

Hemangiomas – also known as ruby or cherry points, cherry angiomas, senile angiomas. They are minor vasular imperfections, a concentration of dilated capillaries in a very small area. There are many types and can vary in depth from superficial to deep. They are circular in shape with a variable diameter. They can also small and level (flat) or thick and slightly raised. Mainly found on the face, neck, chest and back.

If you are looking at having any of these removed we are happy to announce we now have the specialised equipment available at Cinergee – thermocoagulation using heat by radio frequency. Our diploma qualified skin therapists are all very experienced and knowledgeable on skin imperfections

Thermocoagulation treatments are non-invasive (do not penetrate the skin) and therefore limited to the epidermis., they do not cause any scarring. During treatment, the superficial dermis is indirectly affected by coagulation, leaving no visible marks on the skin. The heat generated by the radio frequency converts fluids to solids. Thermoregulation uses radio frequency to coagulate and eliminate blood trapped in broken capillaries from the body. The blood gets diverted and flows through adjoining vessels. If the area is adversely congested, preparation treatments and products may be required before removal of specific damaged vessels to reduce the pressure and to strengthen them

As a result of the treatment, vascular blemishes disappear and results can be seen within 3 to 21 days (longer on the body)

For a comprehensive consultation please call 6334 6885.

Prices per imperfection $35.00 as an isolated blemish

15 minute treatment       $70.00

30 minute treatment       $100.00