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This massage is exclusive to Cinergee being developed by its founder, Vivienne Bartle, over a 38 year period. Called that because it literally straightens (aligns) the body through the release of the muscle and fascia. The technique uses a variety of modalities interwoven and delivered in a system of moves.

The technique works best on releasing muscle imbalances from top to toe. Most people will come in with neck and shoulder pain, but this is not where the issue is……most times we find the tension in the hands or feet and in some cases it can throw the pelvic balance out. What you do on a daily basis has a major influence on how the body operates. Chronic repetitive movement patterns can become very restrictive to the flow of the body.

When you are taught remedial massage you are taught to work on the sore spots, but in 80% of the cases where it hurts is not where the problem is but the end result of many years of using the body incorrectly and a weak spot in the system.

From birth we are constantly in the “Wars”. Every little bump, scratch or knock we receive throughout our life registers as a tension in the muscle. The more knocks and bumps we receive, the more rigid our muscle patterns become to protect us from pain. When we injure ourselves as a child we cry for around 10 minutes and then we are off playing again. But the injury causes muscle/fascia memory to remember the trauma and from that day forward our body moves differently. When we have a lifetime of knocks and bumps, posture eventually becomes affected ultimately leading to pain. Throw in emotional trauma at the time of the injury or from a stressful lifestyle and that pain appears sooner rather than later or becomes magnified.

When we balance the body through muscle realignment therapy, the pain miraculously disappears without creating more pain in the process (a problem with most remedial massage techniques). As we age, we also develop postural issues from school bags being too heavy, too much sitting or repetitive motions. If we remember that all our muscles cross joints (sometimes two), tension in one part of the body will create an imbalance in the other and this can lead to wear and tear. Also as every part of the body is inter-connected through its fascia, a “pain in the neck” could come from the hands, pelvis or feet.

With all this going on eventually the bodies reaction to protect us from pain, causes pain!

Muscle Realignment Therapy gives amazing relief to any musculo-skeletal condition. It works on the correction of physical conditions, caused by chronic muscle imbalance. It uses a combination of modalities that together, are very effective when given in a systematic delivery – without creating pain. It gives unbelievable quick relief when used to treat pain (especially chronic lower back/neck pain) and releases muscular knots, balances postural issues, recurring injuries and restriction of motion. When followed with a maintenance program, it supports the body physically as it ages.

This is a very powerful but gentle treatment that is very effective for chronic issues. It also has amazing results on seemingly acute muscle conditions, I say seemingly because most injuries come about because, chronic muscle imbalances create weak spots around the body that are just ripe for injury. Unless the injury is from a motor vehicle accident, most trauma can be traced to muscle tension that has never before been addressed.