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So you suffer from acne, you have tried every lotion and potion you or your parents can get their hands on, your skin is worse than ever, it is dry, irritated, sore and above all looks so disgusting you want to hide away all the time and not be as social as you would like to be. You grow your hair so you can pull it around your face to hide yourself, you plaster make-up on to try and hide it. I know because I have been there, acne is one of the most emotionally destroying things that can happen to anyone, at any age. And you know what (you are not going to like me saying this) but it is self inflicted albiet unintentionally.

Our skin is a reflection of who we are, our internal environment, our thoughts and emotions, our diet and lifestyle choices and if you do suffer, it is not a normal situation to have acne. When we suffer with something as debilating as acne, it is a warning sign that something in our life is not right. At Cinergee we understand acne, it has been my life long passion to find out everything there is to know in what happens when we get acne, what is our emotional state, what are our lifestyle factors that contribute, what foods create or exacerbate it. It is not one single factor that contributes but a range of choices that lead to acne.


All my years of training, we are still taught that acne is manifested and created in the skin, to be precise – the hair follicle. But me, being a huge outside the box thinker, knew from my own experience that I could eat certain foods and my skin would get worse (instantly), I could have an emotional upset and bingo the next morning up I would have two or three new ones. Science deals with facts, they can study what happens in the hair follicle, but it is not as easy to correlate food choices or emotional upsets or even the state of our self esteem in its relationship to acne these are what I have discussed, studied and researched with my clients over a 30 year period along with doing full health appraisals. So when you come in for a treatment or consultation at Cinergee for acne………..it is different, allow time for this, and be aware there will be lots of questions as we get to the bottom of your particular problem.

With our acne treatments our main aim is to clear the skin as quickly as possible, improve or prevent scarring so you feel better, have improved self esteem and generally feel like you want to join the world again. So for beautiful glowing skin free of scars and hyperpigmentation book today so you don’t miss out.