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Ok you have looked into various methods of PERMANENT hair reduction and this technique called IPL seems to be the right fit for you, but who do you go to and why?

The following are the reasons why people change to Cinergee:

1. PAIN….this is the number one reason clients transfer from other businesses. Cinergee is the only local business using a more modern approach to IPL called “Motion Technology”. What does this mean to you? In traditional methods the practitioner holds the applicator on the skin and lets off a “shot”. The shot creates a lot of heat (in fact the heat each shot creates, is massive, affecting deep into the tissues – a lot deeper than is actually needed to destroy the follicle) this leads to massive pain as a result. At Cinergee because we move across the skin as we let off shot after shot in quick successions, the required depth of treatment is achieved through multiple passes heating the tissues slower, while being a lot more comfortable and easy to handle. We work to your pain threshold we don’t obliterate it.

2. EASE & SPEED……the traditional “single shot” technique mentioned above (apart from being painful) is also time consuming for large areas. Imagine having to put up with excruciating pain for up to 45 minutes or more if you are having your back (if a male) or full legs done. Each shot irritating the nerves so you need to grit your teeth throughout the process. With Motion Technology a full leg can be finished in around 15 minutes

3. COST…..we get to hear what other businesses charge (it’s shameful what they get away with) one of our clients was paying  $135 each session for underarms (our cost is $45 per session, and we have a “pay for 4 and get one free” package that can also be purchased)…….your treatment isn’t much more than the cost of waxing when you take into consideration for body hair, you have 6 week break between appointments.  Why would you wax – it took me 35 years of waxing to have minimal hair growth, when it can be done in around 18 months or less with IPL (of course depending on growth).

4.  EXPERIENCE…..at Cinergee we have two experienced senior therapists – Michelle who has been using IPLs for many years at a number of local businesses and Vivienne, although relatively new to IPL, is no newcomer to “light therapies” being the first to introduce laser therapy to Tasmania in 1991. Both therapists have all relevant registrations.

5. RESULTS…..while everyone is different in this department and different body areas react at different rates i.e., waxed or tweezed hair versus virgin hair, or if the growth was hormonally driven, we do get amazing results! Some maybe in the first couple sessions while other results can be a bit slower. Here is what our clients have to say:

* After only two visits, I am extremely happy with the results of my IPL treatment. Thank you Vivienne for your gentle nature and professionalism. Highly recommended. Ella Dixon (via Facebook)
* I have now had 4 sessions of underarm IPL at Cinergee and the experience has been wonderful. Prior to the procedure I was provided with plenty of information about IPL and the service and delivery has been fantastic. The procedure itself is quick and virtually painless, where I only feel a minor tingling sensation in small areas under the arm. The hair reduction has been great – after only 2 sessions I noticed a significant reduction in the amount of hair and even now I have only needed to ‘touch-up’ twice between my 6 weekly sessions. I am fair skinned with quite dark hair and have been gladly surprised with the positive effects in such little time. To top it off, the girls at Cinergee are absolutely delightful – their friendly and accommodating attitudes make all the difference (a special mention to my therapist Michelle)! I would definitely recommend this to anyone considering having it done! Mel

* I’ve been suffering from excessive hair growth since my early 20’s. Initially I managed that by bleaching and plucking, but as years go by, the affected areas expanded and I added waxing and plucking weekly. Those approaches made the things only worse. I started to suffer emotionally. I avoided to look at myself in the mirror etc. Luckily, I met Vivienne and Michelle in Cinergee, who started me on the laser treatment. I noticed difference after 2 treatments. Now after 2 years of regular monthly sessions, I’m hair free for almost three weeks, on week 4, I see a bit of white thick hairs, which are barely noticable. It’s literally changed my life dramatically. I recommend this treatment to everybody. The key is persistence. S.D.

NOTE FROM VIVIENNE: – This beautiful person is the reason we started IPL treatments for hair removal. When she first came to us, she had a full man’s beard, waxing was so traumatic and only gave her limited relief. She also has a very low pain threshold so traditional IPLs (with their associated pain) was out of the question. We are so happy to be a part of her transformation.

So when you put all the above together – relatively painless, efficient, cost effective, by experienced staff, and great results why would you go anywhere else?

Start now…..by next summer, your body will be better prepared to show off. As a new client we book you for a comprehensive consultation and patch test that is absolutely FREE.