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Vivienne Bartle

Vivienne Bartle

Manager/Natural Therapist

Meet Vivienne Bartle, the face behind the Cinergee concept. Vivienne’s extensive 36 year history in the industry locally, on the mainland and overseas is evident in the treatment selection and her passion for health.

Being trained originally as an esthetician in a European college in Queensland, with biomed science subjects at the University of Tasmania, clinical nutrition, neuro-linguistic progamming, musculoskeletal therapies and a whole string of post-graduate courses, her wealth of knowledge is passed on to the team.

Over the years, Vivienne has designed her own massage technique she calls Muscle Realignment Therapy. This technique relaxes and melts the muscles without creating pain. When you are in pain the last thing you want is a massage therapist to “get stuck into you” creating more pain, let alone emotional trauma from the experience. Working with the body to induce relaxation through massage, breath and gentle stretching the fascial restrictions let go allowing the muscles to relax, therefore reducing inflammation and pain. Any muscle trauma leading to chronic pain can be worked on – postural issues, repetitive strain issues, stress and injury etc.

She loves a great skin challenge and has helped many people over the years return to beautiful healthy skin

Vivienne’s passion however, is your general health and well-being. Helping you look at ways to take control of your health, to live the life you were always destined for and that may include nutrition, ways to remain pain free, beautiful healthy looking skin and the biggest of them all – to age slowly while being outrageous, full of life and vibrant in your day to day activities.

Vivienne is scaling down her face to face contact with clients, so you will need to book well ahead to get in with her.

Katie Donohoe

Katie Donohoe

Team Leader - Remedial Massage/Spa Therapies

Katie is a real gem, she is a deeply compassionate and nurturing person and loves nothing more than creating a peaceful sanctuary and holding space for you to fully relax, ground yourself and reset.

She has always had a deep curiosity of the human body ~ how it works, feels, heals and moves. As a dancer and a lover of yoga, her approach is fluid, centering and deeply healing. She combines loving intent and energy-work in all that she does and her treatments speak for themselves.

She feels, in this day and age, we do not honour the art of ritual enough. She loves working in a spa environment best, as this gives her the opportunity to create treatments of beauty and soul. Taking the time to focus on the enriching and colourful aspects of life and providing a blissful journey for the senses.

She has been a therapist for 15+ years and, over the course of this time, has studied a variety of modalities and techniques. With a Diploma of Remedial Therapies and a Diploma of Beauty Therapy as a backbone, she has been able to follow her passion and intuition to become the Therapist she is today, just truly magical.

Originally from Queensland, Katie has now been with Cinergee for 18 months. During this time she has helped so many clients to create balance in their lives. She has a very loyal following who book ahead to secure an appointment with her. If you are new or have been recommended to see Katie, then you will need to give us a little notice of your desired time.

Julie Allchin

Julie Allchin

Senior Beauty Therapist/Spa therapist

Julie is qualified beauty therapist, having been in the industry for over 20 years and run her own business for 12. After a short break, she has joined the Cinergee team bringing with her a wealth of experience. Julie’s passion is facials and skin consultations, waxing and her new love since she has been introduced to them…… our spa therapies. Julie is also loving our technical treatments like LED, laser and skin imperfection removal.

Julie is gaining a strong following with her caring and nurturing presence. If you would like a very experienced therapist to work with you, then Julie is the one to seek.

Hannah Lynch

Hannah Lynch

Beauty/Spa & Reiki Therapist

Meet Hannah Lynch. Hannah has been at Cinergee now for 3+ years (including traveling overseas for the winter months).  Hannah brings to us a wonderful passion intertwined with calmness and serenity.

Hannah is a technical wiz with nails, very fast with beautiful and spectacular results. As a beauty therapist Hannah is extremely effective and speedy with the general maintenance routines, having worked both locally and in a very busy London salon.

She is a divine therapist when it comes to facials and spa therapies and if you are feeling stressed and need to relax and unwind – Hannah has all the skills (including Reiki) and a calming demeanour to have you floating out again.

Like all our therapists, Hannah has clients who wait patiently to get in and see her. So if you want to beat the rush, book ahead and rebook when you are in. Hannah is off again and travelling Australia this time, and we hope to have her back in spring/summer some time.