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If you have regular facials at Cinergee, then you know that sometimes as part of your normal facial I may also use the Low Level Laser on your skin if only for 5 to 10 minutes and depending on what response I would like to get from your skin.

SO WHAT IS – Low Level Laser Therapy?

Lasers have been around for a very long time, since they were used in the Miliary to disintegrate buildings. I was first introduced to lasers in 1981 while undergoing my training in Queensland, but didn’t start to use them until almost 10 years later in 1990, after I had received intensive training with Christina Cadariu in Melbourne. Christina was involved in the early medical research into lasers in Romania in the 70’s. The research was to turn the very powerful military lasers into something that could be used on humans for medical benefit. As part of a select group, she had to sign a contract to say she couldn’t leave the country for a minimum of 5 years because of her research knowledge. Lucky for me, once that was up she moved to Australia. I was also the first person to introduce lasers into Tasmania at this time.

LASER is a acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. The LED LL Laser (LED standing for Light Emitting Diode) is completely safe to use (the only precaution is, not to point it directly in the direction of the eye due to the long range of the rays). The best thing is that it is non-thermal, so it doesn’t create heat in the tissues and therefore, it is not designed to destroy anything like a thermal laser or IPL/VPLs. So as a client, you can be completely assured that absolutely NO SCARRING, BURNING or SIDE-EFFECTS can occur.


The reason I use the laser is many-fold but to put it in a nutshell, it is to bring the skin into balance. Any time the skin is in a situation not considered normal, like inflammed, swollen, recent scarring, post-surgery, acne and other inflammed skin conditions, pre-mature ageing, burns like sun-burn or a burn from scalding or a flame. It is extremely effective in healing the skin as well as regeneration, other times I have used it and found it to be very effective is for leg ulcers in the elderly, second degree burns, and for swollen joints and inflammed arthritis. It is brilliant for healing accidental injuries like in motor vehicle accidents, or injuries that involve the face or body. It is an all-round healthy option for the skin.

These are photos of Molly, an eight week old baby with second degree burns. She was treated with 6 x 10 minutes of Laser and Manuka Honey, complete healing in 7 days – her mother didn’t want to put her onto antibiotics at such a young age, so as a client, sought my help.

The laser has a very focused light (not like other light sources) so it can penetrate deep into the skin structure, if needed, without too much divergence. As an infra-red light it is invisible to the eye. There are no bright lights to contend with here. It is extremely comfortable, in-fact most clients will drift off to sleep when having a full treatment, and  a bonus is all the effects of the treatment are still working on a cellular level even after you leave the treatment room.

The laser is so effective for regeneration, that I have many clients who have a treatment every month without fail, giving them younger more vibrant looking skin as they chronologically age. Laser can be combined with our other LED Light Therapies to improve the condition of the skin even further.

To give you an insight into how this occurs. At the tender age of 14, our cell turnover, that is, the time the new baby skin cell takes to divide and move up from the 5th layer to the first or outer layer of the skin is around 14 days. When we are 80 years old this same process can take up to 3 months to occur – well…..not with my clients. My clients are educated not to have harsh peels or micro-dermabrasions as firstly, it causes the cell turnover to accelerate (not a good thing and I will explain this shortly), secondly, it can lead to incomplete connective tissue formation and possibly create what you are trying to eliminate (wrinkles), and thirdly, the micro-inflammation caused from these process’s being too harsh, can lead to hyper-pigmentation showing up around 12 months after you have had the treatment. While having these treatments can give you an instant “beauty flash” or radiant skin in the interim, they can have devastating negative effects in the long term and in some cases accellerate the ageing process.

Now why is increasing the cell turnover not a good thing. As with most cells in the body there is an end point to the amount of times each of our cells can divide. At the end of our chromosomes (DNA chains) are things called Telomeres. It is the telomeres that decide how many cell divisions are going to occur (and if we get cancer these telomeres are damaged, increasing cell division at an alarming rate with no end switch to stop it). However under normal circumstances, they do have a stopping point, so to speed the cell turnover up, will accelerate the end point coming quicker rather than later. There is a lot of research being done around this topic and scientists are trying to work out how to control the telomeres with the belief that life could go on till around 150 – 300 years of age (not sure that I would even want to contemplate that one)

What our Laser does is, not accellerate the cell turnover, but makes the baby skin cells behave as if they are young and vibrant again with a full life ahead of them. It literally targets the energy component of the cell to increase ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosplate) which “powers up” the cell.

To create beautiful healthy skin you need more than just the laser. Where the laser creates the perfect environment, you still need to feed the skin, and this is where Environ comes in, it is the perfect answer to this. Being a high anti-oxidant formula that is stepped in potency, it provides all the nutrition the skin requires on a daily basis (without all the hype and the latest new miracle ingredient just come onto the market) it simply replaces what you lose each day, particularly our main skin vitamin – Vitamin A. To get even more improvement with your skin use the cosmetic skin needling devices at home