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Many clients have asked me to share my knowledge in a workshop, so I have put together a 4 week program on HEALTHY AGEING!

What is Healthy Ageing?

When I think of this, I think of my Mum…….at 89 she is still fit, lives at home by herself, is active around the garden and grows her own food. Her neighbour who has been mowing her lawn for many years has now stopped, so unperturbed she is dusting off her own mower and going to do it herself “for the exercise” she told me. She regularly attends Tai Chi classes, seniors exercise classes, and walks with a walking group. She loves to be pampered with regular treatments and if she aches – she gets a massage. If she sits down to watch tv at night, around her chair she has a whole array of exercise equipment that she uses to keep her fit and mobile. For her age, she constantly surprises the medical profession because she isn’t on bucket load of medications, with only one or two……the rest preventative herbals/oils. She is creative, hand making embossed cards, always making things and learning things, and will have a go at anything different. She is active within her community – goes to church, is on a number of committees and still does regular charity work. She has taught herself to use a computer and has a mobile phone. She is also very social, has regular dinners out with friends and family, but has lots of confidence and is still ok to take herself off on her own to see a movie, if there is something that she likes. She regularly travels to the mainland and around the state, doesn’t like overseas these days as the long haul worries her. She loves crossword puzzles and has done these from the paper for many years. She is constantly challenging herself, and it was a family joke when Dad was alive…if you want to see Mum you had to make sure you were “in the diary”.

To live a full and active life is not hard, but over the years we have complicated things, filling it with too much stuff that is not doing our health any favors. We have lost our “Living”, our “Passion”, and we are now in “Survival Mode” instead. We are so stressed that we live on auto-pilot going through the days without really connecting, worried about the past and fearing the future. And what is even worse, is that we know we are on the merry-go-round but cannot seem to find a way off. Getting back to basics, stripping back these unhealthy patterns starts by bringing your awareness to the simple things we can do, to make a dramatic difference to our health outcome as we age.

I spend all day, “stripping people back to basics”. A tweek to the diet, a change in posture, bringing awareness to our thought patterns….how we think can have a huge effect on how we travel throughout the day……..it can bring a sparkle to our eye or a dark cloud over our head….and the funny thing is….its all about our CHOICE.

This program is a wholistic view on the beneficial effects and the destructive processes of stress on our health and well-being. How we manage stress (however perceived, environmental, chemical, physical or emotional) sets off either a beneficial cascade of happy hormones or a destructive avalanche of bio-chemical processes that not controlled, or when prolonged, will eventually lead to illness.

Our vision is……to improve health and well-being outcomes through touch, education and sharing of simple ideas. This vision has been on the back of our business card for the last 4 + years, we live to help you become a better you. Not just through your looks, but through your lifestyle, your food choices, your mindset and your energy. We want you to have a spring in your step….we want to glow with vitality……we want you living a full life – just like my Mum.

The following is the tip of the iceberg in regards to program content:-

* Our liver’s role in metabolism and healthy hormones,

* Digestive function and the immune system,

* Good fat and inflammatory fats in our body and how to recognise we may have a problem

* How our breath can alter our spinal column and contribute to back pain

* The power of water in healing

* Acid and Alkaline balance

* Healthy skin from an internal/external perspective

* Movement and posture

* Meditation

* LCHF nutrition personalised to your body shape and blood type

* Our daily rituals that can cripple us

* Keeping our brain happy

* How inflammation is a killer and some simple tips to reduce it

6 hours of information, fun, bonding with fellow attendees and mind blowing, light globe popping, simple information that will make the world of difference to how you age (includes activities & homework).

Healthy Ageing is not just about exercise, nutrition or taking time out to nurture yourself…..it’s all those little things we do on a daily basis as part of our general diet and lifestyle that either make us sick or have us glowing with health.




Currently working on an online program, so stay tuned for this!

So there it is! 35 years of working in the beauty, health and well-being industries all simplified into 4 x 90 minute workshops. It is at a perfect time of the year when we over-indulge, drink too much and throw our usual routines out the window. Survive the festive season in a healthy fashion and be glowing for years to come.

So who am I, Vivienne Bartle, aesthetician (beauty therapist), musculoskeletal therapist, clinical nutritionist, and master NLP/Hypnosis practitioner.