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What Is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a holistic practice that works to keep the body in balance and to help activate the body’s natural abilities to heal itself. It works to restore the body back into it’s harmonic state. The practice of reflexology divides the body into reflex zones, which covers the entire body. There are 10 zones on the body, five on each side. Each zone is represented by points on the bottom of feet. For example, the brain, which is represented on both feet, is connected to a reflex point on your toes.

What Does It Do?

Reflexology foot massages are mainly used to release tension and stress. Stress can be a huge factor in worsening many health issues and not dealing with that build up can create blocked energy along any of the zones in your body. Reflexology works to release this tension and therefore relieving this energy blockage. It allows your body to achieve a level of equilibrium, putting it into an ideal state to tackle minor health concerns.

On top of releasing this stress, a foot massage also helps increase blood circulation, release toxins, reduce and diminish pain and can induce a deep state of relaxation. A reflexology session however, cannot diagnose. What it may show is inbalance within the system…..no more. The goal of any session is to return to body back into balance while inducing relaxation. If the person performing the treatment is concerned about anything happening in the body, they will refer you to your doctor for diagnosis.

Reiki & Reflexology Combination

In our busy society, we often function primarily in “flight and flight” mode.  When this is our go to response, it becomes our dominant pattern and we then find it hard to remind our bodies to “rest and relax”.  Reflexology & Reiki are a potent combination used together to relax, reset and renew your whole being.  The perfect and complete treatment for overworked and overactive people, who find it hard to let go and switch off.

30 minute $70.00

60 minute $95.00