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Rose Bulgarian Floral Water


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Floral waters can be used as part of the manufacturing process anywhere that water is required. They can be added to skincare, baths, as a spritzer to refresh or relax and they make excellent linen and air fresheners.

A Rose is a Rose…

The Bulgarian rose is considered to be one of the finest roses in the world. But, unlike most roses, it is not grown for its beauty, but rather for its deep healing properties. These roses come from a region in the world where the climate is perfect for cultivation – the geologic setting is rich in minerals and nutritive elements – and this makes products created with Bulgarian Rose excellent quality. All parts of the flower are used: rose petals, rose water (distilled from the petals), rosehips, and seeds; rose oil (also distilled from the petals) and rose powder (from ground petals) are world renown for their quality and effectiveness.

Rose products that are so well-revered in the world of healing (particularly  among those who treat skin conditions) and come from only one species of rose: Bulgarian Rose Damascena, grown in only one valley in Bulgaria – the Valley of Kaznalak, or Bulgarian Rose Valley.

Many Parts Make the Whole

For hundreds of years, the people of Bulgaria have highly valued the medicinal properties of this plant, and over centuries have refined the process of producing all of the different products, which are reaped from this one special rose. Each product has significant and unique qualities unto themselves. For instance, the petals contain natural oils which are deeply healing, and they are used for a multitude of purposes in skin care: they act as an anti-inflammatory, a gentle exfoliant, a detoxifier and a moisturizer. Another product of the petal is rose water, also known as hydrosol and is a by-product of the steam distillation process used to extract rose oil. Bulgarian Rose water is known for its highly healing properties: it reduces redness and irritation and treats dermatitis, acne and eczema. It is an anti-inflammatory and reduces the appearance of scars. It is also calming, refreshing and amazing when used after cleansing your face both in the morning and at night.