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Pink Clay


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Pink Clay is very famous in skin care for its amazing calming, anti-aging and cleansing benefits.

Pink clay is actually suitable for any skin type, but people with sensitive skin especially praise this type of clay for being so gentle and delicate with already problematic and troubled skin.

What makes this type of clay so gentle and suitable for dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin?  Unlike other clays, pink clay does not strip off skin natural oil barrier.

If you have oily or combination type of skin, you probably would like to incorporate green clay into your skin care routine.  Green clay is perfect if you need to remove oil excess and clear out congested skin pores.   However, green clay could be too aggressive for sensitive and dry skin type that already lacks protective oily skin barrier.

Pink clay is often referred as Rose Clay because of the rosy colour. 

Benefits of Pink Clay

Pink clay is a combination of white and red clay, so it contains benefits from both.  White clay (kaolin) is very beneficial for oily skin, it helps to control oil production.  Red clay is used for mature skin that needs improvement in elasticity and boost in collagen products. 

Here is the list of Pink Clay benefits:

  • Deeply cleans the pores without stripping off skin’s own protective barrier
  • Red clay contains Silica mineral which improves skin elasticity and cell regeneration, and yes it firms the skin
  • Whitens  and brightens skin
  • Red clay contains copper which production of collagen and elastin in cells
  • Improves skin tone 
  • Normalizes sebum production
  • Has a disinfectant effect
  • Restores impaired tissue function

The huge advantage of pink clay masks is that they can produce instant results with the very first application.  So, if you are anticipating an important event or a date, this mask will help you look your best in a short period of time. However, as with any instant results, the glowing effect won’t last forever.  You will need to use clay mask on a regular basis for permanent or prolonged results.

Rose clay masks are very easy to prepare.  All you have to do is to dissolve appropriate amount of clay in water, walk around for 15 minutes and as a result you will have radiant and glowing skin. As with all the clay masks you can experiment with adding additional ingredients in.