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Magnesium Oil


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Our Pure Magnesium Oil is one of the most concentrated Mag Oils you can buy online in Australia and is independently sourced and analysed to ensure quality.

A holistic body tonic that delivers a highly concentrated Magnesium boost to the entire body. It not only relieves muscular aches and discomfort but also energises muscles with abundant magnesium. It improves flexibility, elasticity and stretch. Perfect for relief of body stress and tension, and safely increases magnesium levels.

The continual positive feedback we receive from our customers about our Magnesium Oil is rewarding and puts a smile on our dial to know that our customers are happy.

How to use Magnesium Oil

Simply spray onto your skin and massage in.

Apply Magnesium Oil to your arms, legs, knees and joints or directly to the part of your body that is sore or strained and it’s rapidly absorbed.

Can be applied with your moisturising cream, and can also be diluted with pure water for really sensitive skin.

Avoid contact with eyes and other sensitive areas.

Our Magnesium Oil 100ml bottle is great value and tends to last, with daily use, for several months. It is ideal for traveling, to help with sleep and fight jetlag, or for popping in your gym bag for on the spot relief from cramps and sprains. Reasonable enough to buy a few – everyone in the family can have their own bottle by their bed, or have one in your home, work and car always readily available when needed.

Our suggestion is that you dont use it at night, because it may tingle it could interrupt you ablilty to get off to sleep so suggest you use it first thing in the morning after your shower, place it on the body where needed or put it on your feet prior to putting your shoes on, and that way you will absorb magnesium as you go about your day.

Magnesium is the ultimate muscle relaxant.