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Lymph Cleanse Tea


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The lymphatic system is our waste system.  For example, if you put your thumb on the bottom of your wrist and forefinger on the top of your wrist the space between our thumb and forefinger is called the interstitial space. These interstitial spaces in our body house everything. All of our organs, bones, cells etc and every minute thing are happening in that space, there is cleanup happening all the time.

Cells are dying, bugs are being destroyed, nutrients are being transported to areas they’re needed as well as fats and large proteins being removed. This all sits in fluid and this fluid needs to be filtered.  The lymphatic system is that filter system.

It is now known that all fluids within the interstitial space are transported through the lymphatic system and filtered through at least 2 lymph nodes before being put back into circulation or excreted from the body.  One of the things the lymphatic system struggles with is saturated or heavy fats as it is hard to filter and slows the system down. Primarily the lymphatic system is very lazy and if it gets overwhelmed, it tends to go slower or struggle to push fluid through.  So imagine in winter when we’re not exercising as much and eating foods higher in fats and proteins.  It’s no wonder the lymphatic system gets sluggish, just think of it like blocked drain pipe; it backs up and goes nowhere.

The lymphatic system is the main remover of waste from the system.  As all our teas are made by a naturopath sshe particularly specialises in the Lymphatics.  A clear lymphatic system is essential for good skin.  Lymphatic congestion is a major cause of poor elimination of waste and can lead to increased presentation of eczema, psoriasis, acne and general sluggish skin and also supports clearance of the liver and kidney.  The herbs used are very mild in flavour and suits to be drunk as a cold tea in your water bottle or hot.

contains; organic red clover, lemongrass, nettle, cleavers, burdock root, dandelion leaf & root.