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Spa Massages in Launceston

Massage in Launceston

Looking for the best relaxation or hot stone massage in Launceston then look no further. Massage comes in many forms and is generally determined by the pressure, parts of the hand or body used and tempo. At Cinergee, relaxation massage is just one of our specialties, we do a variety of massages to suit your requirements, so choose the massage that best suits you! We offer fabulous relaxation massages guaranteed to de-stress you while revitalising your body. You may also want to think about an upgrade to one of our devine additions.

Nirvana Four Hands Signature Massage

Not one, but two therapists synergistically creating flow and balance through this divine massage treatment. This massage treatment is quite euphoric and blissful as both therapists work in harmony to bring about deep and restful relaxation. Adding to the experience is the Candle Indulgence – the drizzling of warm candle wax with a “to die for” aroma and skin nourishing effects. The whole treatment is performed on our unique Float Bed where the movement of the water has you drifting and dreaming, drifting and dreaming………pure bliss!

60 mins – $195.00

Cinergee’s “ROCK YOUR WORLD” Massage Ritual

Exclusive to Cinergee, this deeply tranquilising massage treatment uses the weight and warmth of ancient volcanic stones to release stress and tension from the body. If you have the time…….why not choose the 90 minute session where you have the additional benefit of  chilled stones to stimulate and aid circulation as well as a sublime facial massage with your choice of crystal stones. Each treatment is designed to relax/clear the mind and warm/balance the throat and heart chakra.  Specific gemstones are placed on key energy points.

For more information on stone massage click here

60 mins – $115.00

90 mins – $160.00

Cinergee’s “PURE HEAVEN” Relaxation Massage

This massage is designed to slow the mind into a dream state. It is a very restful and dreamy massage treatment combined with your personal choice of our house blends of essential oils. Choose from Musclease, Relaxation, Uplifting or Detox. Deep, slow and rhythmic massage movements relax the mind and body while allowing the layers of stress and anxiety to melt away. True heaven!

60 mins – $95.00

75 mins – $115.00

90 mins – $145.00

(This massage is not suitable if you have aches and pains. If this is the reason for your visit, then head to our Therapeutic Massage page under the Wellness Retreat where a remedial therapist is more suited to your needs)

But why stop there, add to your experience by choosing one of our sublime Add-ons listed below…………

Candle Indulgence

For further bliss, to awaken the senses and create a sensual and relaxing atmosphere why not upgrade to a Candle Indulgence Experience.

This is amazing! Total indulgence while providing a unique and wonderful escape. The candles diffuse a pleasant scent of fruits (your choice of red berries or mango) that take you on a distant journey inviting your mind to truly let go. The gentle warmth of the oil enhances the sensation of well-being and helps to facilitate the release of tensions. Once you have experienced this you wouldn’t want a normal relaxation massage again!

Add On Price

60 mins – $10.00

75 mins – $15.00

90 mins – $20.00

Dry Hydrotherapy (Float) Bed

What an amazing addition to a massage, this is the ultimate luxury to have a treatment completed on the dry hydrotherapy  bed. Floating on warm water, deliciously cosy and yet dry, while your treatment is performed. Excellent for those with arthritis, aches and pains, or just plain pampering and indulgence.

If you are pregnant and passed the half way mark, we try to manage your booking to receive your massage on the float bed as you are far more comfortable being supported by the water.

(Please note that we only have one Dry Hydrotherapy (Float) Bed available)

Add On Price


If you are looking for more therapeutic styles of massage like remedial, lymphatic drainage, pregnancy, reflexology, cranio-sacral etc., or services that have HEALTH FUND REBATES available please go to the Wellness Retreat page.