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Call Today: 6334 6885 indulge@cinergee.com.au 69a George St, Launceston TAS 7250, Australia

Job Description

As a Spa manger you will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of Cinergee Day Spa and Wellness Retreat. You will manage the spa’s reception, finances, employees and services. As Cinergee is a small spa, as a manager, you will be required to perform business tasks, as well as working directly with guests providing select spa services.

Job Requirements

We would prefer job candidates who have some type of formal education or training, such as associate and bachelor’s degrees in small business management. However, this is not essential as business experience and a proven success record will also be taken into account. 5 years industry knowledge and experience is an essential requirement. You will be required to enhance our unique guest experience.

Training or certificates in different types of massage or beauty treatments are also desirable for individuals looking for this position. You need to understand municipal health regulations and federal and state awards and responsibilities in hair & beauty.

In order to meet core responsibilities of personnel and facility management and promoting spa service, as Spa Manager you will be required to perform many tasks. If you are considering a career with us, you should be prepared to demonstrate mastery in the following:-

Recruit and Oversee Team

  • Recruit, hire and terminate where required
  • Supervise and update training for current team members.
  • Lead cooperative team to continuously exceed retail sales, service sales, marketing and guest service goals.
  • Create and implement a performance-based employee recognition program that increases productivity by motivating team to strive to work to their full potential.
  • Supervise staff of 6 (and grow where necessary) to create guest focused, highly individualized treatment service environment.
  • Manage schedules, conduct employee reviews, and coach for adherence to spa signature approach.
  • Run team meetings
  • Implement and oversee team responsibilities
  • Cultivate team culture
  • Set team and individual goals

Manage Operational Budget

  • Prepare annual budget and participate in monthly reviews
  • Manage purchasing of all non-revenue supplies and effectively reduce the supply cost by at least 10%
  • Increase spa operations through a budget during first year of hire.
  • Increase spa revenue through effective marketing of services.
  • Reduce costs by managing maintenance service providers.
  • Review costs for spa procedures and services,
  • Review all running costs and develop a strategy to reduce 5 – 10%
  • Evaluating and establishing sales goals
  • Oversee and establish budgets for advertising, sales campaigns and promotional events.

Customer Satisfaction Tools

As with any service-oriented business, we rely on guest feedback and satisfaction. As a manager you will be responsible for ensuring that guests’ expectations are met

  • Whether its surveys, casual face-to-face interactions, reviews or suggestion boxes, you should be knowledgeable about the ways to measure guest satisfaction to retain clients and attract new ones
  • Maintain Cinergee standards of excellence, interfacing with guests, members and team.
  • Provide the highest quality guest service and resolve all guest concerns beyond their satisfaction.
  • Have a strong sense of quality control and be on a constant lookout for improvements
  • Uphold the ambience and appearance of multiple spa and treatment areas.
  • Develop guest relationships and measure guest satisfaction

Basic Computer Systems and Software

From using Microsoft Office applications, such as Word and Excel, creative programs like Canva and Adobe, mailing campaigns like Mail Chimp to employing the use of accounting and financial software such as Xero, you should be very comfortable and competent with using various computer systems in your daily routine.

  • Manage Kitomba spa software efficiently to perform daily functions and reports,
  • Research other software options to reduce costs
  • Maintain up-to-date client database
  • Transferring client database to Mail Chimp monthly
  • Develop and maintain print media
  • Update website regularly and maintain business website – wordpress.
  • Have a more than fleeting understanding of Google My Business
  • Follow up on all emails and keep inbox controlled
  • Set stock standards and manage stock levels electronically

Assist with Promotions and Sales

  • In this position you will have a hand in creating promotional and public relations campaigns to raise public awareness and visibility of Cinergee and its membership incentives and sales promotions leading to a larger client base.
  • Plan, organize and oversee quarterly spa events.
  • Enhance spa menus to maximize sales
  • Collaborate with CEO to seek opportunities to increase sales
  • Planned and execute gift certificate sales program and membership program.
  • Plan and execute all local marketing, PR, and promotional events.
  • Raise percentage of local clientele
  • Generate successful marketing ideas by determining opportunities.
  • Understanding, knowledge and experience in Direct Sales Marketing
  • Successfully develop, market and conduct promotional events to client base.
  • Develop and circulate newsletter/flyers/posters across a number of mediums
  • Work hand in hand with World Wide Salon Marketing to determine continued cash flow

Social Media

As part of your advertising/promotions/marketing responsibilities, you will use social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Google to communicate information about Cinergee. It is imperative that you have more than a basic knowledge of social media and its requirements.

This position also requires knowledge/training and experience in growing social media fan base and interaction. The ability to be comfortable with live and pre-recorded video presentations and be tuned to photo opportunities as they present themselves daily

Supervise Facility Maintenance and standards

  • Spas must meet sanitation guidelines and as Spa Manager, you will be required to make sure that facilities are properly cleaned and that all equipment is in working order.
  • This might include ensuring that tools are adequately sterilized, linens are washed correctly and a proper inventory of supplies are maintained.
  • Enforce internal policies and procedures to ensure safety of guests and employees
  • Initiate and maintain top of industry spa service standards through protocol, on-site education, troubleshooting, resolution, and support to guests
  • Ensure all sterilization is met or exceed standards and requirements.
  • Set up and implement maintenance schedule


  • Run reception efficiently – bookings/cancellations/rescheduling
  • Have a proven track-record for retail sales
  • Be competent at up-selling and cross-selling services and retail
  • Grow and implement strategies to improve the Raw Beauty Bar experience
  • You will be responsible for product displays and effectively merchandising featured product lines.
  • Keeping reception clean and professional


To maintain your high standards, you will be required to perform a minimal amount  of facial and/or body treatments

Spa Manager Skills

A successful manager will have a strong and very high level of organisational, verbal and written communication, and critical thinking skills to be able to handle all their managerial responsibilities. You should be a detail-oriented team player along with inspiring leadership qualities and exceptional time management skills. You should also demonstrate the ability to anticipate the types of services that clients would most enjoy and benefit from and implement these types of services into Cinergee. Customer service, problem solving, trouble-shooting and interpersonal skills are essential, as you interact closely with clients, personnel, vendors and the public on a daily basis. Above-average math skills are useful for budget creation purposes.

The preferred successful candidate will have a proven record within the industry in transforming business’s undergoing change. This position is challenging – I will not lie, but if it sounds like something you can get your teeth into and run with, then we want to talk to you. This list is not exhaustive but having the ability to maximise your time is essential to managing all tasks. The team are here to help, where possible utilise down-time (late cancellations and gaps) to delegate a therapist to perform mundane jobs that need to be completed.

As part of your application – please cover the following:-

  1. Training
  2. Experience
  3. Skill set in relation to the above requirements – please demonstrate or give examples of your successes and challenges (preferably with some references)
  4. Years in the industry (or related industry)
  5. Please detail why you would be the best person for the position
  6. What was your most challenging staff incident and how did you handle it?
  7. What strategies have you successfully implemented into your previous positions
    1. To increase retail sales,
    2. Provide team performance incentives,
    3. Increase treatments through marketing.

Please provide details and any verification possible

  1. What do you understand as challenges in today’s industry?
  2. Please provide references from your last 2-3 positions, what your job title was and how long you were in their employ and why you left
  3. Cinergee is all about health and well-being, please provide how you implement low-tox living into your life and how you maintain a healthy lifestyle