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Call Today: 6334 6885 indulge@cinergee.com.au 69a George St, Launceston TAS 7250, Australia


The BASICS – Consultation & Assessment.

Daylight Mode – shows the skin how everyone around you sees it…..UV Mode – shows pigmentation under the surface of the skinComplexion Mode – shows skin in around 10-15 years time

If you are serious about your skin health, then we are too. A comprehensive assessment analysing your skin externally and internally with photos to monitor progress.

Our intensive 60 minute consultation is a valuable lesson in itself. So many clients have come to us who have been mis-diagnosed for many years and this has led them to be using the incorrect products and wondering why their skin isn’t glowing with health particularly as you age. 1000’s of dollars wasted in damaging treatments and products that really should of been thrown in the bin! Results are quick (usually in a few days) once the correct routine is established.

On the completion of a client consultation form, we discuss your skin, health and lifestyle factors prior to even touching your skin. So many have mentioned they have not seen such an intensive form, but for us to give you the correct diagnosis we need to know how your skin has performed in the past and what have you done to it. What environments you work in…..did you know that working under florescent lights actually destroys the vitamins in your skin within 20 minutes (the damage is the same as too much sun). Whats your ancestry? We want to know how much of the red head gene you have. What you eat, what medications you are on, what health challenges you have…..there are so many things that affect your skin.

We ask you to come with clean skin and bring with you all your skin care, make-up, medication and vitamins to your appointment and we go through it all with you…….whats working, what’s not and what’s just keeping the status quo without really doing anything to improve your skin concerns. We analyse your skin (as it sits in real dimensions) prior to you even lying down. Following this we do a detailed skin analysis and all the factors surrounding the visual components of your skin health and/or conditions and with specialised black light equipment to see what is “under the skin” and not yet visible.

We then do a mini treatment so we “work” with your skin – triple cleanse and treatment creams/gels to guage your reactions to stimulation, to feel the skin and watch the changes.

On completion, we sit back down and go through the photos so that you can see what we see, both on the surface of the skin and underneath. This gives us a starting point. With these basics, we then work out the best  treatment program to get you to your goals and best results long term. This could be just home care, some basic treatments to deep cleansing the skin, or more intensive programs.

The younger you are when you start a good skin care program the better and cheaper long term. But, with todays peptide and vitamin formulas you can still turn back the clock if you feel you may have left it too late. You have a brand new body every 12-18 months right down to the bones……so renewing your 5 layers of the skin is easy, you may just need to tweek some diet, lifestyle and skincare regimes to make the most of it.

Consultation 60 minutes – $85.00

Added to a facial treatment – 30 minutes – $35.00