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Skin Needling

Skin Needling

Skin needling helps you restore connective tissue through a natural healing process. Ultra fine, medical quality needles attached to a cylindrical roller or stamp to create multiple skin puntures that induce a wound healing response that stimulates new connective tissue. This improves the quality of your skin and its texture, making the skin look younger,  feel firmer and smoother while helping to repair skin imperfectionscaused by injury, blemishes and stretching skin, fine lines and wrinkles and uneven skin texture. Most importantly skin needling involves minimal down time and very little discomfort so is a great cost-effective alternative to other treatments available

How does skin needling work?

As the roller or stamp is used on the skin, thousands of tiny puncture wounds induce healing mechanisms that begin the process of wound healing. This vital process is the goal of skin resurfacing and rejuvenation treatments. Once initiated the effect on connective tissue can continue for up to 12 months, resulting in an improvement in skin firmness and texture and a softening and lifting of the skin imperfections.

What does needling involve?

The needling device is passed over the area to be treated multiple times in different directions to create an even distribution of tiny “punctures” or “injuries”.

After treatment, skin may appear pink or sensitive for a short period and may feel tight and dry. Varying amounts of flaking/peeling may occur as healing progresses but very minimal. It is important to protect your new skin from the sun by applying a broad spectrum SPF anti-oxidant sunscreen daily. Vitamin A and C are essential for new connective tissue production and sun damage therapy. It is impossible to achieve high concentrations of these vitamins in the skin by taking tablets orally.  This is because the skin on the scale of things is a lesser priority in the body to other organs, generally leaving the skin with less than 3% if any at all.  It is therefore essential that you use Environ’s highly concentrated antioxidant  formulas at home to enhance your results.

How many treatments will you need?

Generally two treatments are required to achieve improvements in skin firmness & texture. Improvement of skin imperfections may take more treatments but using  skin needling at home between 2 – 7 times a week helps with this. Also bringing your device into your regular Cinergee treatments will only enhances the results. Results will accrue gradually because building new connective tissue takes time. Most clients notice an improvement in their skin tone and texture within a few weeks of using the skin needling device. Substantial results often start to appear after a relatively short time of 5 – 8 months, after which results will continue to improve with ongoing treatments. Your first two initial in-salon treatments are spaced 2 weeks apart. Following your Cinergee visits you will then perform your needling at home. You can commence daily treatments for more severe problems, but generally 3-4 times per week will maintain and improve your results.

Why choose Cinergee for Skin Needling?

These days most business’s offer some type of Skin Needling. Like any professional treatment there are risks involved. Hygiene is VERY important when it comes to this treatment. Obviously this treatment uses needles (yes very fine needles, but needles all the same) that pierce your skin. For obvious reasons you do not want the same needles used on your skin as someone else. At Cinergee this can NOT happen AS YOU TAKE HOME YOUR OWN SKIN NEEDLING DEVICE. Yes that right, we package it up in a special container and you take it home with you. Secondly, the quality of the needle is very important. The needles are specifically designed to stay attached to the roller whilst rolling over your skin. Cheaper rollers and inferior brands (such as available online) have very real problems with the needles becoming detached from the roller and this can risk the needle becoming embedded in your skin. Not a good look!

Our our skin needling devices are medical grade. In fact, Des Fernandes of Environ was one of the original creators of the first skin needling devices on the market as well as one of the initial researchers into the use of vitamin A on the skin. He is also believed to be the longest continual user of vitamin A products in the world at now over 30 years duration. Although things have changed over this time the skin needling devices we use have been designed to minimise scratching and tearing of the skin which can occur with inferior rollers or longer needle lengths. Treatment is effective, quick with less discomfort than other rollers. Finally, YOU take your roller home! Yes. This ensures 2 things. One, that your health and hygiene is protected and after your initial three weeks on Environ skin care products and your second Cinergee treatment session you can continue your treatments at home daily, if recommended to do so or 2/3 times weekly for improved and continual results. And two, we actually teach you how to perform the treatment at home with your own device.

Environ has 4 different types of rollers to use

Cosmetic Focus-CIT

Cosmetic Focus-CIT™: A small hand-held stamp needling device embedded with durable stainless steel micro-needles. Focus-CIT™ allows you to focus on specific, typically hard to reach areas, such as the upper lip and eye area.

Focus Kit

Cosmetic Roll-CIT

Environ’s Cosmetic Roll-CIT™ is a hand held needling device designed to dramatically increase the effectiveness of Environ skin care products by allowing improved penetration of essential vitamins into the skin. It includes a convenient storage container for safety and maximum hygiene.



Environ’s Ionzyme Gold Roll-CIT™

A luxurious new addition to the Environ range of Roll-CIT’s, this exciting and meticulously crafted new Roll-CIT has ultra fine needles ensuring it’s superiority and making it the most effective cosmetic Roll-CIT in our range.

This exclusive, elegant Roll-CIT is gold plated and this noble metal is durable and easy to clean.

Gold Roll-Cit

Cosmetic Body Roll-CIT™

Body Roll-CIT™: A hand-held needling device with a smooth action double roller head embedded with durable stainless steel micro-needles for use on larger areas of the body. This is ideal for arms, abdomen, buttocks and thighs where loose skin is required to be thicker.

Body Roller


With any of the rollers, the skin needs to be well prepared on mild levels of Environ’s vitamin A preparations for three weeks before needling is introduced.

Daily/weekly use of the roller or stamp combined with Environ Skincare products assists in:
• Skin tightening
• Reducing the appearance of fine lines
• Improving the texture of the skin
• Reducing the appearance of uneven skin tone

What Results Can You Expect?

Roll Cit Results

How is your home treatment different to having one at Cinergee?

Your treatment at Cinergee is more effective and deeper  and includes the use of antioxident serums along with other concentrated products and equipment according to your requirements to stimulate a higher regeneration rate.

Excited – Yes! Where do you start? In order to make the most from your skin needling device and achieve the best results we recommend a full package. This ensures that you receive your own skin needling device, the necessary Vitamin A and C Skincare products including a cleanser, moisturiser and hydrating serum and the Cinergee treatments which includes instructions on how to perform the treatment at home.

Our Skin Needling Package is below:

Please read all the way to the bottom to make sure you are ready to purchase one of these exciting packages, this is what you will receive:

Treatment No. 1

# Professional Skin Consultation $35.00 FREE

# Cinergee Specialised Advanced Facial Treatment customised to suit your skin condition $110

#  LED Laser Therapy Upgrades that will super charge your skin regeneration $40.00 FREE

1 x 200ml AVST Cleanser $66.00

1 x 50 ml AVST 1 Moisturiser $75.00

Treatment No. 2

# Cinergee Specialised Advanced Facial Treatment customised to suit your skin condition $110

and including instructions to use the skin needling device

# LED Laser Therapy Upgrade that will super charge your skin regeneration $40.00 FREE

1 x Skin Needling Roller $99.00 FREE

1 x Roller Solution $55.00

1 x Focus Hydrating Serum 30 ml $138.00

Total Package includes a professional skin consultation, your 2 Cinergee Specialsed Facial Treatments, your LED Laser Upgrades, your take home roller and Solution, your 3 professional strength specialised product essentials and this all comes to the total of $768.00

Cinergee’s offer to you – Receive the Professional Skin Consultation, LED Laser Upgrades, and the roller for FREE – so you pay only $554.00 – and save a massive $214.00

Your new skin care will last approx 3 months, your roller around 12 months – so this package gives you 12 months intensive skin regeneration whether it be face or body. (If you are interested in devices other than the cosmetic roller then the price will change accordingly)

Also of note, your cosmetic roller is not just for your face although yes……..it is great for helping signs of ageing, improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and giving you gorgeous and amazing skin texture it is also great for those skin imperfections from trauma, injury and stretching of the skin anywhere on the body, by itself or combined with the super healing ability of the LED Laser in treatments

Post Treatment Care

  • Apply the Environ Skin Care product with vitamins A, C, E and beta-carotene as recommended
  • Do not apply make-up or sunblock directly after needling therefore the evening routine is recommended
  • Treatment should be repeated 2 – 7 times a week
  • One need not be concerned about over use of the instrument as the needles remain sharp for a prolonged period
  • Should the skin feel sensitive, do not use the instrument again until the skin feels comfortable
  • The tiny punctures are sealed within one day
  • Should you suffer from a skin rash or irritation as a result of the product, cease to use the product and please consult your friendly therapist at Cinergee
  • The instrument is stored in a specifically designed box, which keeps it safe and clean. The instrument should be kept away from children.
  • Only use the roller cleaning solution once a week and remember to wash the solution off with water before applying it to the skin again. Let the instrument soak for a maximum of 10 minutes in the measuring cap filled up to the mark with the cleaning solution. As for the rest of the times that you use the insturment, rinse under warm water only for 1 minute before and after use
  • WARNING: If allergic to tea tree oil you can use surgical spirits to clean the roller. Rinse unit with water then gentle clean with a soft artist brush. Soak for 2 hours.