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Winter Embrace Package

At Cinergee, we have designed the perfect package to harness this energy.  One that will energise, empower, reconnect and reset you. 

Your treatment begins with a herbal tea infusion specifically blended to build immunity whilst grounding and preparing you for your journey.  Your ritual continues with a deeply relaxing full body massage using our signature herbal compress and warming placement stones on your energy centres.  The compress is heated and gently massaged over your body to aid in clearing stagnant energies held within your body. These techniques will help to clear blockages, ground and anchor you and transport you to a place of deep relaxation where you can better listen to your inner voice.  Once in this deepened state, reiki and reflexology will be used to energise, realign and reset you, helping to rekindle your inner flame.



Book your Winter Embrace Package today and get your “Fire of Desire” burning strongly and brightly! 


Available this Winter (until the 31st of August 2018).  75 min Treatment for $105

Book Online or Call us on (03) 6334 6885